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TELON's unique voice lies in its core itself - its underlying commitment to dress men up with attention to detail and a keen sense of style. Catering to a cross-section of classy, discerning men, TELON continues to make every man who walks into its store look dapper and evolved.

TELON's collection seamlessly blends ethnic and elite elements to create a unique range of designs, which define and enhance a man's style quotient. Weaving in classic European silhouettes but viewing them through homegrown, contemporary glasses, TELON's comfort fits are a treat for its wearers.

For TELON, excellence in fashion is not just an act, but a habit. Walk in to either of our stores at Kemps Corner or Santacruz (west) and walk out with a new habit yourself.

Celeb Corner

Want to be the beacon for Style and Panache like your favorite luminaries? Join us to find out who is hooked on whom by adding the right drama to Fashion.

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  • 149/A, Doctor Building,
    Warden Road, Kemps Corner,
    Mumbai - 400 036.

  • Telon, Business Suite 9,
    S. V.Road, Santacruz (West),
    Mumbai - 400 054.
Tel : +91-22-23648174/5554/23679997

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With a commitment to extensive research and an eye for detail, TELON has evolved to provide men what they truly deserve. Our choices of using only the finest fabrics, be it cashmere, linen, cotton linen, silk, vicuna fabric or mohair, make our apparel truly bespoke and hand-picked to suit your personality.

Exclusivity doesn't need to shout from the rooftops. It's subtle, intricate and still makes a presence. Our skilled designers, educated and experienced in crafting sartorial experiences, work on each order with utmost detail. From the custom cuts and contours that are crafted to become a second skin, TELON will bring you exclusivity - right from scratch.

See it to Believe it as you explore The TELON Collection
Rare Designer Wear for Men